Cryptocurrency Consulting

We specialize in helping clients get started in cryptocurrency. This includes wallet setup, exchange support and an overview of the best security practices to keep your crypto safe.

Crypto Consultation

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies work using a technology called blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology spread across many computers that manages and records transactions.

Mining Solutions

Mining cryptocurrency is an ongoing process by which all transactions of that cryptocurrency are verified and then added to an encrypted distributed digital ledger called the “blockchain”

Blockchain Education

We offer blockchain development services for creating tokens, smart contracts and other software solutions. We also provide code audits and project guidance for existing applications.

Trading Crypto

Many investors like to trade cryptocurrency because it’s an extremely volatile asset.
If you can time the market right, trading crypto can give you much higher returns than traditional investments….

Cryptocurrency Trading Steps

Unless you already own cryptocurrency, you’ll need to make an account with a crypto brokerage. Kraken, Gemini and eToro are among the best crypto brokers on the market.All 3 of these options offer a simple user interface and a variety of altcoins to choose

Trading Strategies

There are countless ways to profit off of trading cryptocurrency. Trading strategies help you organize those techniques into a coherent framework that you can follow. This way, you can continually monitor and optimize your cryptocurrency strategy. The two main schools of thought you’ll need to consider when building a trading strategy is technical analysis (TA), and fundamental analysis (FA). We’ll differentiate which one applies to which of these strategies, but make sure you understand the differences between these concepts before going further.

Are You Looking To Dive Crypto?

Staking Ethereum ​

Outside of Bitcoin, the most important cryptocurrency (link to our news site added by Austin) by far is Ether (often mistakenly referred to as Ethereum), the currency of the Ethereum network. Staking Ethereum with Ether (ETH) that you own helps to maintain this network, strengthening it and allowing it to expand. You gain rewards in ETH for staking, which can be quite satisfying depending on the price of ETH at the time you receive it. Ethereum 2.0 brings Proof of Stake to the Ethereum network. Proof of stake is a more efficient version of the way that the Bitcoin network validates new data. In the Bitcoin version, participants in the network must invest in expensive hardware and take on a high cost of electricity.

Digital Currency Market Values

Like any currency, cryptocurrencies gain their value based on the scale of community involvement (like the user demand, scarcity or coin’s utility). … Let us make a general overview of what makes cryptocurrencies valuable. Coin’s Utility. To make a cryptocurrency valuable one needs to make it utile.

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